Coffee with the Bishop

Coffee with the Bishop

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Series "A God For Perilous Times"

Series: Foundation of Faith

Lesson 1

  • Who is this essence we call God?
  • What is God? He Is Love
  • Why is name so important>
  • What was in existence before Genesis 1:1
  • What are Angles and what is their purpose?

Lesson 2

  • God wants kids? All about family
  • Oh well, let's try again
  • Finally a family
  • The beginning of the end plan


Lesson 3

  • Recap of Lessons 1 & 2
  • How types and shadows played their part
  • The promise of a redeemer
  • Prophesy fulfilled
  • God became flesh
  • Mary had a little lamb
  • Who is this Jesus?

Lesson 4

  • The first Kingdom of God on the earth
  • Man wanted to be like the world
  • Coud this be like Christianity today?
  • What the Old Testment said about a New Kingdom
  • We are commanded to pray for, seek and enter His Kingdom
  • This New Kingdom must be preached to the world

Lesson 5

  • What is meant by "Kingdom of God"
  • This is a New Spiritual Kingdom
  • The Kingdom is not something you can consume
  • This New Kingdom comes with gifts
  • And some precious Fruit of the Spirit
  • What does it mean to you?