Why we give

God is generous and so He calls us to be as well.
What we do with what God has given us shows the world where our hearts are at and helps proclaim the gospel.
We want to glorify God with every area of our lives, and that includes what we do with our finances.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be.  Matthew 6:21  


Give Online

God loves a cheerful and willing giver.  So, no matter the amount of the gift, it will help us to continue to reach out to the world with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We here at Apostles Way believe it is important for you to give your first fruits (tithe/10% of your income) to your local church.  
Our Local Church ministry, The Sheepfold, is now listed to support with your tithes and offerings.  

We pray a covering and blessing over you and your family.

Thank you for blessing and supporting this ministry.
Bishop Bob and Brenda Sharp
Apostles Way Ministries International and The Sheepfold

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